Tax Calculator


These calculators are for reference purposes only. Please understand that they do not replace the information and advice from a professional tax preparer. 

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Mortgage Refinance Break-even-Are you thinking about refinancing? Use this calculator to determine if you should refinance and when you will break even.

Loan Amortization Calculator-Use this calculator to calculate a loan amount based on your desired monthly payment or to calculate a monthly payment based on a loan amount.

Regular IRA vs. Roth IRA - Annual Contribution-Use this calculator to determine whether a regular IRA or a Roth IRA is right for you.

Buying vs. Leasing-Auto-Use this calculator to determine if you should lease or buy your next vehicle.​

Children's Education Savings-Use this calculator to evaluate and determine if you need to make changes to your college savings plan.

Paycheck Calculator-Hourly-This calculator computes gross and net pay for an hourly paycheck and displays the various withholdings.

Paycheck Calculator-Salaried-This calculator computes net or gross pay for a single paycheck and displays the various withholdings.

Social Security Calculator-Estimate your Social Security benefits using the Social Security Administration's Quick Calculator.

IRA Distribution Before Age 59 1/2 Calculator-This calculator computes exceptions from the penalty for early distribution (before age 59 1/2) from an IRA.

Loan Calculator-Use this calculator to view the total interest and total payment for a mortgage based on the loan amount, years of payments, and annual interest rate you enter.

Ratio Calculators-Use these calculators to assess your company's liquidity, profitability and efficiency based on your financial statement data.